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These are examples of all our artists' work. If you see anything you are interested in, buying any of these pieces, or want to see others by a specific artist please email us at carnegiegalleryparkhill@gmail.com. Contact information for each Artist is also listed at the bottom of the page. If you want to buy something off the website please email us and  include:

  • The Artist's Name
  • The SKU
  • The Name of the Piece
  • And the Price

Reach Out to the Artists

If you would like to have direct contact with an artist to inquire about their work there contact information is as listed below:
Pat Adams: ropa.adams@hotmail.com   or   519-232-4591
Christina Archer: 226-678-6453
Rebecca Bender: 519-232-4322
Monica Carter: 519 -294-0109
Esther Conway: 519-294-6847
Ruth Cook:  recreativeart@execulink.com   or   519-294-0069
Colleen Pavlech:  carnegiegalleryparkhill@gmail.com
Al Sarachman:  carnegiegalleryparkhill@gmail.com
Art Sheil: 519-294-6814
Janis Lynne Slywchuk: jslywchuk@gmail.com
Mary Margret Thompson: 519-294-6547
Beth Turnbull Morrish: beth@turningbullpottery.com  or   519-709-0053
Laura Wright: gadwright@execulink.com   or   519-294-6560
John Ziler: williamziler@gmail.com  or   519-232-4700