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About Us

We are an art gallery and art centre in the historic Carnegie building. We offer a showcase for local artisans, a teaching area for workshops/classes and a group meeting space for local groups in the area of North Middlesex, Ontario, Canada.

The gallery is open to the public for viewing or individuals can purchase an annual membership for $20. Membership supplies individuals with $2 discounts to all events or activities sponsored by the gallery.

Our Artists

Rebecca Bender (Quilter & Cards)

Rebecca brings a love of colour and an enjoyment of putting pieces together in her work as a quilter. Whether going to her fabric stash or to her scrap basket, she enjoys pulling together what she has to make a variety of items from mug rugs, table toppers and bags to hangings and throws. Most of her work is hand quilted but she is beginning to do some quilting on her long arm quilting machine.

Rebecca finds the same satisfaction in cardmaking; quilt pattern cards, notes, and everyday cards.

If you have something in mind, she is open to commissioned work.

  • Bags BE1-44 $30
    “Quilting of all sizes from cards to bags to wall Bags BE1-44 $30
  • BE1-39-47 $4
    Cards BE1-39-47 $4
  • BE1-39-47 $4
    Cards BE1-39-47 $4
  • $210
    “Recycled Blue Jean Quilts” $210
  • CO2-04 $3
    “Cards made from recycled materials” CO2-04 $3

Esther Conway (Demin Quilting & Cards)
I grew up in a large family on a local farm and had a hard time to find ‘my place’. Creating art and crafts became my happy place. It still brings me purpose and joy. I am extremely resourceful and I get so excited when I can create beauty and useful items from the discarded.”

Mary Margaret Thompson (Photo Cards & Quilting)

Mary Margaret is an avid nature photographer who turns her love of photography into greeting cards.  Her naturalist bent also takes something often overlooked (stones) and turns them into stunning pieces of jewelry.

  • TH1-02 $20
    “Wired Stone Pendants” TH1-02 $20
  • TH1-04 $7
    “Nature Photography Cards” TH1-04 $7

Ruth Cook (Mixed Media)

Ruth has been painting since 1993 and teaching since 1996. She has had designs and patterns published in magazines in Canada, France, and the United States. Her work has been collected in several states, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

She has earned teacher accreditations in pen-ink & oils, Genesis oils, and in realistic oils. She has also earned the Canadian Standards of Excellence in both Primitive and Colour Theory.

Monica Carter (Glass & Mixed Media Artist)

  • Plate CA1-11 $50; pendants CA1-07 $18
    “Fused Glass” plate and Pendants Plate CA1-11 $50; pendants CA1-07 $18
  • $475   WR1-08
  • Oil

Laura Wright (Mixed Media)

Art Sheil (Wood Worker and Instrument Maker)

  • Tenor Ukulele SH1-47  $75 Baritone Ukulele  SH1-48  $175 Violin  SH1-29  $220 Violin Bow  SH1-30  $5
  • Dulcimer  SH1-27  $150 Walnut Merlin  SH1-49  $150
  • "Cows" ZI1-16 (16X20") $110 "Bringing in the Sheaves" ZI1-17 (16x20")  $110
  • VW phot is "Lost in the Woods"  ZI1-04  $75 Boys walking is "Social Distancing" ZI1-08  $100

John Ziler (Acrylics)

Christina Archer (Acrylics)

  • "Blue Flowers" SL1-16  $10  "Strappy Sandals"  SL1-30   $10
    "Blue Flowers" and "Strappy Sandals" "Blue Flowers" SL1-16 $10 "Strappy Sandals" SL1-30 $10

Janis Lynn Slywchuck (Hand Stitched/Origami Cards)

Pat Adams (Watercolourist)

Colleen Pavlech (Spinner & Weaver)

Al Sarachman (Photographer)

Gallery Events

Since the gallery opened in 2017, it has also hosted events and clubs. During COVID-19 it was difficult to have many events. Now we are scheduling a lot of classes, concerts, workshops, meetings and other events.

Events Include

  • Painting classes in acrylics, oils and watercolour
  • Various workshops such as card making, wreath making and glass ornament making
  • Educational workshops
  • Seminars
  • KIDZ Art Club
  • KIDZ Art Camp
  • Book Readings
  • Concerts that feature vocals, instrumental and comedy
  • Meeting room available
  • Different organizations meet
  • Drop in groups
  • Programs on health issues

Want to join us?!


Our Volunteer Board of Directors (2022)

Ruth Cook - President
Monica Carter - Past President
Rebecca Bender - Treasurer

Bill Waters

Mark McLean

Adele Mineau

The Board of Directors is currently searching for an individual to fill the role of Secretary! Please reach out if you're interested in filling the role!